Tips from the Backseat of a Helicopter

My cousin and her husband flew to Nepal for 10 days. 

They will fly into an airport that will make your whole body pucker. It will look like this. It’s the Lukla airport (closest to Everest).

Photo Credit;  Wikimedia

Photo Credit; Wikimedia

She says, “The airport is one of the most dangerous”.

I say, “It will be fine.”

I say, “If it’s not fine, just look out the window and smile. And repeat: It’s fine. It’s fine. Everythings fine. Everything is f&%*ing fine. Everything is fine. Until you are safely on the ground.”

She snickers on the phone.

I tell her the story.

It’s like a souvenir leftover from my wildland fire days. I was the lucky duck chosen to go survey a let-it-burn fire via helicopter. I go with with the pilot and two of my bosses. Everythings going fine. It’s fun! I’m getting paid to fly in a helicopter!

My mind wanders. It crosses my mind about the helicopter that went down the week before with a women my age in it. I think it’s going to be so dumb to die studying a let-it-burn fire from the sky. My nerves start to bug out. I simultaneously wanted to barf and poop my pants. I motion to my boss beside me that I’m not feeling terribly well. He motions that if I need to barf then to pull my shirt out and barf into my shirt. Like next to my skin. That is mortifying. Think, Emily, think. Three men, me, and potentially a big mess. 

I'm not sure where I heard it. NPR on that morning? a Podcast? a friend? You can trick your mind and body by smiling. Smiling releases dopamine and serotonin. Dopamine increases your feeling of happiness while serotonin decreases your feelings of stress. 

I turned my head and looked out the window of the helicopter. I smiled manically. I continuously smiled and clenched body parts. As one bargains, with oneself, I agreed that if we safely landed I would never enter an aircraft again (clearly not true, but bargaining feels so right at the time).

We land safely (obviously). My pride is left intact. No barf. No other funny business. All unwanted sensations immediately end when my foot hits the ground.

My cousin says, “I’ll remember this but I’m going with nothing will happen and everything will be fine.”

I hope your week does not need these tactics. If you should need to deploy tiny stress relieving smiles, well there ya go.

On to the workwear -- 

The 1st women’s workwear denim prototype is in and in testing. I’m impressed by us.


The next step is refining the fit.

We fit it to as many body shapes as possible. The proto is in a size 6 so we seek out as many varying body type size 6’s to fit the pants. From there, we adjust an inch here or 1/2 an inch there.


XOXO Till next time!


Emily Parsons