What I fear most about developing a Podcast

Hello Glowers!

Let's recap design features that are in the decision pipline this week.

Rivets, Ringsnaps, Drawcords!

Here's a peek at some Glow rivet mockups:


The rivet is tiny. I'm going with WORKWEAR below. (But I really like the owl, mountains and using the hole as the sun.)

Screen Shot 2018-07-25 at 3.23.08 PM.png

It's fun to own a whole category. That is why I like 'workwear' around the rivet. It's well defined!

Vest: it breaths, it repels water, it stops wind, it's made in the USA with fairlabor, it's got the cutest drawcord around. What doesn't the investigator do? That's for you to answer. (that's right we named the vest, the investigator.)

Here's me (with the help of a graphic designer) mocking-up the vest. This makes color decisions easier for label, ringsnaps and drawcords.

glowworkwear investigator
Screen Shot 2018-07-25 at 3.01.56 PM.png

Big Outdoor Jobs Podcast

Let's talk about this.

I want to introduce the world to more women who work outside and start business that operate outside or expose you (or force you?) to be outside. I want to talk to people about what they do. How they got there.  The maize that is parent expectations, birth place, gender, sexual orientation, highschool and college. All of which might land you working for Bank of America, instead of taking that job building trails. Or making cheese. Or you start an urban farm to sell to one restaurant. Or you landscape. Or you own a trekking company. 

Let's do this! Ok, I'm jazzed after writing that list. 

What's holding me back? Except for the chicken side of me? Oh wait, yeah that part of ourselves. The part that tires to keep us way too safe. 

This -- 

Screen Shot 2018-07-26 at 1.03.45 PM.png

Can you guess? 

I fear the thumbs down.

28K people thumbs down kittens meowing video on youtube? What the bananas town am I living in? Kittens and blockchain is like what the internet is built on. It's like thumbsdowning the internet.

There you have it. Some people will not like my podcast. Yes, that worries me. Yes, this is irrational. Thank you for listening. You can not please all the people. This kind of midset also puts central what you don't want to happen versus a central mind set of what you DO want to happen. 

Here's what I want to happen:

1. Clothing. Have a place for women (and people, men will be interviewed, as well) to put forth clothing deficiencies in their industries. If not myself, other companies can listen in and take the ideas and run with them to market. The wider the solves for a diverse population the better.

2. Education. What is the path taken by folks that have outdoor careers. What were pivotal moments in their formal and informal education. What about your education actual gets you the job? What part of the formal education would you cut? 

3. Money. Money is part of the equation for power and freedom. How much can you make as the owner of a Trekking Company? How much did you have saved when you quit your job and started a cheese making company? How much can you make on a fire crew? 

4. The defining moment. Did you always know you wanted to work outside? If not, what had to happen in your life for the stars to align for this career choice?

Will you do me a favor? Of course you do. You're a fabulous person. Forward this to one friend who works outside or is dreaming of starting a business in the outdoors.