3 things I wish I had known about denim

In the lead up to freedom day, Glow Workwear's gift to you is the freedom to buy any pair of denim that makes you happy for work.

Here's the uncomplicated secert about denim.

What separates regular denim from workwear denim? 

Nothing, really. 

Here's what I wish I knew about denim (before founding Glow Workwear)

1. One reason denim makes super ideal workwear is because it's not expensive.  We are using Cone Denim and are purchasing denim for around $5 per yard. To help give context to that number, Tweave (leggers fabric) is over $15 per yard and Polartec is anywhere from $10 - $20 per yard.

2. Denim is woven flat and tight. I know what your thinking. Isn't all fabric flat? Denim weave doesn't have fibers that can be grabbed by something ruff and abrasive. 

Find some velcro, preferably steal your kid's shoe.

Tell them it's for the name of science. Do this ultra-technical test. Called Glow Workwear ultra technical velcro test. Take the velcro and rub it against denim. Notice how fibers don't cling to the velcro and they stay put in the fabric. This is due to denim's weave which makes it a go-to anti-abrasion material! Grab a pair of leggings and see what happens. (don't do it too hard). Pieces of thread start to come out. 

3. The main difference between workwear or other women's denim is (mostly) the weight of the fabric and the finishing of the denim after the jean is made. That's what gives jeans so many different looks. 

The same qualities of cost and durability can be found across any denim pant. From fashion or workwear to Goodwill finds. 

If you need a pair of jeans NOW, then grab something that feels good, and the fit is right for you. No matter if you find it at the Nordstrom racks, or they are at the bottom of your moms/brothers/husbands/kids drawer. Wear 'em. 

Otherwise wait for Glow Workwear Denim. Because we are designing for you and the jobs you rock.

Now get back to work, you-gorgeous-hardworking-person!

PS - 

Here's the Dear Sugars talking about body image and you guessed it, Guess jeans! AHHHH! Did you wear those? Did they fit?