Off to production, almost

The legger pants are closer to production. The fabric is near finalized.  The legger pant is made of doubleweave fabric. The doubleweave is two layers of cloth made into one fabric.  It brings a dumptruck load of awesome qualities - soft next to skin, abrasion resistant front, 4-way stretch, and the people making the fabric make a living wage. win-win-win-win.

I'm looking to drop some joy in your waistband and pocket bags with printed material. Here are a few patterns running for the spot. Here's a ted talk about joy. I was surprised to learn that confetti and googly eyes bring joy pretty darned universally!

Prym has our beloved work vest in Hong Kong. They are performing the 20lb test. Prym is known for making notions - buttons, snaps, rivets - that don't break. These pieces are tiny metal pieces that need to last the products whole life.

Prym is putting on ring snaps (buttons on the front of the vest) and rivets, then applying 20lbs of pull. This will ensure the hardware we choose is the correct toughness for the Polartec hardface fleece.


Can I tell you how much i love the hardface fleece? It brings a startling amount of heat for being a vest, yet doesn't make you hot (?!?!) Science! It's partially the wind block in the fleece. I wear it for product testing. Here's me taking it on a wintery snow bike ride.

See some of the polartec science below. Note: we are using recycled polartec hardface. Our fleece is 85% windblock. Wind Pro fleece has an even higher amount of wind block. We aren't using specifically Wind Pro but the science is the same. 

Back to pants! PantsPantsPantsPantsPantsPantsPants. Durable, brilliant pants are our obsession here at Glow. There are two more pairs of pants in the hopper. When I say hopper, what I mean is the sample yardage of the fabric is ordered and the drawings are sent to Jerry who is our prototype maker/pattern maker. Jerry, then, mixes the magic sauce to make us prototypes. Plus his wife is a national best-selling author. How cool is that? Very.

Next week, we will dive into the two pairs of pants in development.