Never steal my food.


It's good to know what you want.

In this episode of sibling versus sibling, my older son tried to snatch my daughter's quesadilla. Swimming hard means you earned every bit of that quesadilla. 

Really, I love this picture so much I wanted to figure out just what the heck it was saying to me. 

I love the, "this isn't going down without a fight". You might have stolen it but you're about to hear. my. furry.

It's good to know what we want. Then we can get really mad when someone tries to take it. Yes... that's why I love this picture.

What do you really want?

This April I've implemented my New Year's resolution. (Parsons' timeline here). I've decided to do something I've never done everyday for 1 year. Each item doesn't have to be mind blowing. Today I used an expresso machine that looked scary.  It was so no big deal that now I'm embarrassed I told you. 

The belief being it jumpstarts you saying yes before your brain pumps the "different is scary" breaks.   

We are getting very close to production. 

Today is Equal Pay Day. I'm announcing my partnership with a US based production company. It is woman owned and women operated. The founder, Suuchi, comes from tech and is pioneering a new way in sewn product manufactoring in the United States. You can follow her here. She's brave and smart! She is what we need!


Our next exciting step is selecting colors. 

Once colors are selected, then the fabric manufacturers do "lab dips". Lab dips are where they take a small swatch of material and test the color. We double check that the color looks as intended. Then we give them the go-ahead to dye the whole fabric roll (300 - 500 yards).  The fabric will be shipped directly to Suuchi and production will get underway. 

I'm anticipating production to begin this summer and the Kickstarter launch will happen in September. 

Continue to send me your feedback on designs, colors, sizing, desired stories, media formats you like, kittens needing adoption, new TV shows I'll never watch, and reasons I shouldn't run for political office. 

XOXO, Emily

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