How to Fall so Hard

Fall is a season that can elicit resistance. As if this will be the last warm weather. Ever. Our brain does not compute that in as few as 5 to 6 months there will be warm days again. 5 or 6 MONTHS!? *door slam* Sorry, got to go. 

Because it’s decorative gourd season. I took some #fallsohard pictures (of course with Glow Workwear - Vest and Jeans). Join in and send them to me. I’m thinking this pic could use a pumpkin spice latte in my other hand. #goals #nextyear

Glow Jeans and Vest #fallingsohard

Glow Jeans and Vest #fallingsohard

My friend Bri has smart things to say about fall.

Me: *whine whine* I can't believe summer is over!

Bri: I'm ready.

Me: really?

Bri: Yeah, aren't you tired? Tired of all the running around of summer?

Me: Well, yes. It has been fun and I am tired.

Bri: I'm ready for early nights and popcorn and not leaving the house. 

Me: (me softening) We can do that? We can take it easy? 

Bri: Takes a sip of Busch light (she's a Wisconsinite). Yeah, Emily, we can do that.

In outdoor workwear news

The process of building a product is small detail by small detail. I think it’s slow. So when I write about it, it sounds boring. Let me know if you want more or less of it, or what parts you want me to go more indepth.

Teri, my designer, sat in a coffee shop on Sunday afternoon and asked 10 random (size 6-ish) people to fit the 2nd denim prototype. Then she washed the denim, and is calling the 10 people back to fit them to the denim again. This excercise will help us continue to refine the fit to a variety of sized people within the one size (size 6). Then from there we finish the pattern and make all the sizes. I have 600 initical yards of denim ordered from Cone Denim. It rolled off the press 3 days ago. It’s sitting in Parras, Mexico, soon to be shipped to North Bergen, New Jersey to enter into it’s new life as your jeans.

Here is a sneak peak at vest colors. If you want to see what I’m staring at (click on the link) and give me feedback about what colors you like and don’t like!! Below, is about 1/2 of the vest colors.

xoxo get out there and relax this weekend!