I surveyed 200 women working outdoors and here are 5 items they already have, that work.

Why reinvent the wheel, right?

Although here at Glow Workwear, we are interested in building better workwear for women, we knew that women are using items outside for work, which they already love. We asked them about those items and here's a rundown. 


Survey #107

I love love love my Muck Boots. They are the single most reliable workwear item I own. I've worn them in the field on farms while standing for 10 hrs a day processing produce, and on the wettest muddiest days landscaping, and my feet have always stayed 100% dry and comfortable


A little about me... and how did I get this information?

I own a forestry and tree care business. Yet I can't stop thinking about brilliant work clothes for women. I founded Glow Workwear to investigate my notion that workwear could be better for women. Here we take a deeper look into fit, function, flexibility, plus feminine, and masculine looks, sustainable yet technical fabrics, and of course, gear that is multipurpose - Mountains to Meetings! 


Survey #189

Ibex and Smartwool base layers fit nicely, are warm, last forever, and don't look too bad!


I suspected that women couldn't find great workwear, because, frankly, neither could I. Especially pants. Good fitting, flexible, durable pants, that look like something I would willingly put on (dare I say: be excited to put on!), are hard to come by. 


Survey #61

Broken in cowboy boots that slip on and off easily.


I met clients at properties. I cut firewood. I chase kids. I drag brush. I volunteer to dig trail. I go to meetings. I go to the bank. I interview people. I run into people that I want to develop a professional, working relationship with.


Survey #60

Leather ice climbing gloves that I wear when chopping wood and hauling wood in the winter. Super durable gloves, thin but warm fleece lining, not at all bulky (freedom of movement) but still warm enough. I've had them for a year and love them!


Multifunctional,  I do want my workwear to work harder.  I'd say right now, it's showing up at 9:30 am and taking a coffee break at 10:10 am.


Survey #23

I love my fleece vest for work. The pockets are great for storing pens or a pair of pruners. And I like being able to unzip the vest which keeps me from having to strategically remove layers when I get too hot. But I still haven't found any work plants that I love!


And finally, 


My favorite piece of clothing is my wool Buff. I wear it around my neck to stay warm, pull it over my head to keep my hair out of the way at break times when my hard hat is off (also to hide messy hard-hat hair), and to wipe dirt, mud from my face and snot from my nose!


The rest of the survey (found here if you want to add your two cents!) asks what is missing in women's workwear. We have taken those responses, and our own collective experience of work outside and are on a mission to better the designs, better the fabric, and better the manufacturing process to build those pieces here in our local communities


The thrift store hack award goes to Survey #123 Survey:

Yes! Cashmere sweaters from the thrift store. Super warm and can go right from the garden or farm to the grocery store.


In the next few weeks (to months) we will be asking for your input as we unroll the design, fabric, color, and fit choices for women's workwear. Please join our email list so that you can help us design the pieces. Plz, be our friend. This is me, asking you to play with me at recess. Wanna eat lunch together? Don't say no. I'll be crushed. Maybe just a soft let down would be better... Like subscribe, then when I'm not looking unsubscribe.

Thanks! Cheers new (and old) friends!


And My favorite. I totally agree. Like, still have to wear pants to work no matter how much you dislike them.

Survey #175

My pants, but only because they protect me while at work.