When to Throw a Fit. Your Call.


I found the above kids' skis for $5 at a lawn sale in July.

My son is 5 years old. When he saw me suiting up to go, he self-invited. I gave him the look like, "this is a bad idea". That made him beg to go.

The outing started out smashing! The middle of the outing was moderate, one ski kept falling off. The end of the outing was a scene.

My son kicked off a winter boot and began shouting and walking to the trail head (one boot, one sock foot).  He got such a distance away that I was not sure he would return. 

I used my "I'm not kidding" tone and said something like I'll cancel Christmas if you don't come back here! 

Which got him to turn, only to put on his boot and kick off the other boot into a 4-foot snowbank. 

As an adult, this is bewildering - like they are $5 skis. Make do!

As a kid, this is the only sensible action to take to protest shitty gear.

There are things/issues/projects that draw our attention and make us stomp around sock foot in the snow. We declare to change it and take action. While other things we notice could be better but we don't declare to change them. It's fine for right now.

At Glow Workwear we stop around sock foot in the snow raving mad about poor fit, poor fabric, and poor (inadequate, and incomplete story) portrayal of women in the workforce.

We are having a jolly good fit, so good that we are on schedule to hit our spring 2018 goal of a Kickstarter launch.

We are busily working with fine Women and Men locally and internationally to bring you da. best. stuff. For the low low price of $19.99. Just kidding, I don't have prices yet.

So Cheers to 2018 coming right around the corner. Is there anything you feel compelled to stomp around yelling, sock foot in the snow about? Is there something you will take a pass on?

I hope you all are finding joy in gathering for the holidays. 



  • This week Candiani denim from Italy will arrive to touch and feel.
  • We have Cone denim samples in from the US (manufactured in Mexico). Great Denim!!
  • Terez is sending Glow a few yards of fabulous, stretch, playful material to test out for the gusseted crotch, or gussied up crotch, as it's been coined (fun material that faces you! Black on the outside to the world!). I call Terez X Glow Workwear a collaboration between Country mouse and City mouse. 
  • I'm contacting HempFortex in China to see how low we can get our minimums for the vest overlay. Their minimums are like 3,000 yards. Yikes! I'm hoping to pay a little more for a lower minimum order to get my hands on some of their great fabric.

PS - Why the above companies? 

  • Terez co-founders' want to make every day brighter for women. Fabric and garment made in NYC. A podcast about the company.
  • Cone Denim is based in the US and denim is made in Mexico. 5 hours north of the border in Parras de la Fuente. They are not certified Fair Trade Labor. They do pay minimum wage to their workers in Mexico. $4.00 per hour. They use Texas cotton. Nothing fancy in the dying or washing process to save on water or chemicals. They do have all brand new machines and facility. I like the investment in the workplace and denim production.
  • Candiani Denim pledges to be the "Greenest Mill in the Blue World". Using their technology developed in-house they have cut water consumption by 75% and amount of chemicals needed during the dying and washing process by 65%. Interesting. 
  • HempFortex: Hemp takes no herbicide to grow and low water. It's a weed, people! The hemp is grown in China and the mill is near where the hemp grows. They recycle most of the fabric waste into new fabrics. They are Global Organic Textile Certified. The company puts off a good vibe. 
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