Five Easy Steps to Implement Bad Ideas

Good and Bad Ideas

Step 1: Find something new to try. I know you, friend, you’ve been dreaming of something… Something that feels part good idea, part terrible idea.  Ignore your fears and use your current enthusiasm to find a way to commit by pushing "buy" or a "select" button. In my case, a hunting license.

Step 2: Find someone with more experience than you to join on your quest to do something new and potentially equal parts good idea and bad idea.  

Step 3: Realize, when the time arrives, you will have a desire to back out of this Idea. Refer back to Step 2 where you found someone else to go in with you on this Life Changing, yet the potential for Bad Idea. (They are your friend and excited by this idea. Don't let them down.) Tell your fears to take a backseat, pour yourself a cup of coffee and walk out the door.

Step 4: Go do Bad Idea.

Step 5: Realize all your fears were (mostly) irrational and bad idea was actually a GREAT Idea and now you have learned/done something new!

What new ideas have you tried lately? 

This season I'm giving hunting a real try. 

I put in for antelope north of Laramie, in the Shirley Basin. This came on recommendation from my friend Lee, who is a Wildlife Biologist for the Wyoming Game and Fish. Ok, step one down. 

But, why hunting? 

I'm an outsider looking in. I didn't grow up in a hunting family but I like most anything outdoors. I had shrugged off hunting because I wouldn't it be the same as backpacking, or simply looking at the animals? My curiosity won and I wanted a deeper look into the draw to hunt.

Step 2: Lee tells me our friend Jess is hunting the same area. I call her and we formulate plans. 

My father in law is a retired game warden and my husband grew up hunting. It's a household where hunting is a big deal.

My family history is that my grandfather died of a gunshot wound in the early 1960's during hunting season. He pulled a loaded rifle out of the cab of his truck and it shot his femoral artery. No one found him in time. My dad was 14, and there was a total of five kids in the family.  This explains my reservation with hunting.  

So here I am, curiosity outweighing various fears, and I was ready to investigate this hunting phenomenon.

A side note: There are so many responsibilities and conversation veins that lead to hunting. There is the taking of life. There are the issues of gun ownership and public land rights.  There are gender equality issues with who gets to go hunting and who stays home, or the differences of how girls and boys are raised. This adventure is going to be fascinating!

Step 4: Just go do it.
Jess and I hunt for two days, with her being the experienced one. We made joint decisions on where to hunt and how to approach the stock. We made a good team because neither of us had years of experience.  We tried some long stalks to approach the antelope at more than 1000 yards, which some experienced hunters may have scoffed at since that is a long distance. It was fun to watch the antelope as we approached at 600 yards, then 500 yards, then finally 400 yards, when a very alert female would blow our cover and convince her whole herd to jet out of there.

I saw badger tracks then spotted the badger with my binos (Highlight!). I saw a golden eagle that was almost black it was so dark. It may have been a juvenile but I didn't realize to check for white feathers on its wing tips or tale. We saw two coyotes, and three buck deer as we drove home. 

Honestly, when I headed out on Friday morning to meet Jess, I wondered why I even decided to do this (see step 3).  I wasn't excited because I had never hunted antelope and I didn't know what the hell I was doing. By end of day Saturday, I was having fun. Isn't that the thing. It's not actually fun to learn new things. It's awkward and it's not fun to do something you aren't good at.

Shirley Basin Antelope Hunt

Like I tell my son, difficulty + effort = learning. I did it. I put in some effort and learned something new. Also, I demystified something that had previously been largely male and a subject that I didn't even have enough information to judge if I liked or not. 

Is there anything you have dove in to try lately? Did it go well or horribly, or maybe the middle ground? Tell me in the comments what you have been interested in trying lately. 

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